Statement regarding the recent wide scale ransomware cyber attack

18th May 2017


Statement number: RRM-ST-2017-03

Zwaag, Tuesday, May 16, 2017


The recent wide scale computer infection with ransomware “WannaCry” has raised the question, if the Starrsed PC’s that use a serial RS232 connection for data transfer with the laboratories LIMS could be infected as well.

The ransomware uses a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows SMB protocol. This is a network protocol to enable file sharing between computers. The SMB protocol uses TCP/IP connections.

RS232 is a communication standard for binary data communication. RS232 as used in the Starrsed PC requires a known data format to be send and received in order to be accepted and the data being stored. RS232 cannot be used to randomly transmit data.

RS232 connections are therefore not vulnerable to this or other known computer viruses. Sincerely,

Konstantin Artz

Manager Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs