Notice of Product Discontinuation (Part No. 3MA800) / New Product Introduction (Part No. 133800)

19th December 2017


   Micro-Sample Test Kit (Part Number 133800)

A new Micro-Sample Test Kit, part number 133800, will be launched on February 1st 2018. This will replace Micro-Sample Test Kit part number 3MA800. The price will be £394.91 plus VAT. This kit has been specifically designed for use with the new Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer the Osmo One (launching 1st Qtr 2018) but is also compatible with existing 3320 models.

We have conveniently packaged chamber cleaners, sampler tips, and a plunger wire inside the new Micro-Sample Test Kit so that everything you need to run a test is right at your fingertips. Replacing the plunger wire on your 20µL Ease-Eject™ Sampler after every 500 tests or with each box of sampler tips helps ensure optimal performance of your instrument and reduces time spent troubleshooting


   Micro-Sample Test Kit (Part Number 3MA800)

The Micro-Sample Test Kit, part number 3MA800, will be discontinued as of February 1, 2018. The replacement consumable for 3MA800 is 133800. Prior to the end of the 2017, we will no longer honour orders for 3MA800 exceeding 10% of your previous order quantities.

Orders for the 3MA800 that come in after the discontinuation date will need to be modified to include the new 133800. To prevent any delays in shipping please ensure this communication is shared with the appropriate personnel at your facility.

   Discontinued Product

Replacement Product

Part Number


Part Number



Micro-Sample Test Kit

(Includes 500 sampler tips and

500 chamber cleaners)


Micro-Sample Test Kit

(Includes 500 sampler tips,

500 chamber cleaners, and 1 plunger wire)

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