Osmo1 Single-Sample Osmometer

Osmo1 is the latest single-sample Osmometer. It maintains the key features and consumables of its predecessor but incorporates significant enhancements.


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The Advanced® Osmo1 Micro-Osmometer is a single-sample Osmometer designed to provide fast, accurate test results using a 20 µL sample. It combines proven freezing point technology with an elegant design that is both simple to operate and easy to maintain. It is ideally suited for routine osmolality testing in clinical diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and industrial laboratory settings.


  • Database of 1,000 results and 10,000 events which is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
    • Results are stored in a secure format
    • Results can be filtered and searched to check historical data 
  • Integrated printer and barcode scanner
    • Maintains a small instrument footprint
    • Ensures patient data is correctly associated with the result
  • Touchscreen operation
    • Intuitive design is easy to use and shows key information
  • LIS and data management capabilities
    • Connect to a LIS via network cable to remove transcription errors
    • Export data through the USB port to an Excel spreadsheet 
  • User ID’s with operator / supervisor lockout
    • Ensure traceability of tests
    • Ensure operators do not change any important settings
  • Control management
    • Either issue a warning or stop the instrument if the control solutions are outside of the acceptable range