OsmoPRO is the newest addition to the Advanced Instruments family of multi-sample freezing point osmometers. Designed specifically to meet the workflow demands of today’s busy laboratory, OsmoPRO provides rapid, accurate osmolality results with ease and efficiency.


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OsmoPRO® features a convenient turntable design for easy loading of up to 20 samples and requires only a small 20 µL sample volume. Featuring intuitive touch-screen operation and industry leading performance, OsmoPRO is ideally suited for mid- to high-volume laboratories that prefer to automate osmolality batch testing while improving laboratory efficiency and throughput. Generating Levy Jennings Charts for your quality control program is a breeze. In addition, OsmoPRO connects easily to LIS and data management systems via Ethernet connectivity. Multiple USB ports provide the ability to easily export data and other diagnostic log files. Future software upgrades are also available via USB. There has never been an osmometer more connected than OsmoPRO.


      20-position turntable
      Requires only a small, 20 µL sample volume
      Intuitive touch-screen operation
      90 second test time
      Industry-preferred freezing point depression method
      75% increase in productivity compared to manual sample instruments for laboratories processing more than 15 samples per day
      On-board quality control including Levey-Jennings charts
       LIS capable
      Multiple USB ports provide the ability to easily export data
      Future software upgrades are available via a USB
      Barcode reader reduces transcription errors
      Integrated search functionality provides easy retrieval of test results
      Supervisor mode with password protection