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StaRRsed Control, the perfect Quality Control tool for your StaRRsed ESR analyzer.

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StaRRsed Control, the perfect Quality Control tool for your StaRRsed ESR analyzer. A whole blood reference control material, manufactured from human red blood cells. The sedimentation behavior is therefore as close as possible to that of fresh whole blood, however with a predetermined sedimentation rate for either the normal or abnormal level controls to be used on your ESR analyser, as it would do with a real patient sample. Therefore the StaRRsed control is processed exactly the same way and fully complies with the ICSH recommendations and CLSI procedures, published in 2011.


StaRRsed Control is provided in standard blood collection vials, so it can be placed directly on the instrument. Each vial contains 5mL control blood, sufficient to do 3 QC’s from one vial.

To ensure a comprehensive Quality Control programme for StaRRsed ESR instruments, it is available in two levels: Normal and Abnormal, with white or red caps respectively for easy recognition.

Due to the manufacturing process it has a closed vial stability of 540 days from the date of manufacture providing an excellent shelf life and does not require refrigerated storage.

QC management application

StaRRsed users have the benefit of a QC management application that is available on the instrument. It enables automatic recognition of the StaRRsed control vial and processes the control in spite of being an unknown sample in the LIS. The result is reported in a recognizable format, with a qualification of the result and eventually some suggested actions that could be taken by the end user to adjust settings, if required, to bring the analyser back to a level of optimum performance.

Sophisticated algorithms take care of the Quality Control and will alert through LIS and on screen with regard to any anomalies compared with monitored QC’s from the past. All performed QC’s are plotted in a Levey-Jennings chart for statistical purposes. You can trust the built-in intelligence in StaRRsed analyzers to closely monitor its performance, enabling the user to carry out any slight adjustments as required.

StaRRsed Controls are recommended by Mechatronics, the manufacturer of StaRRsed instruments, to be used in a standard QC procedure. No other controls are advised as they are not explicitly validated by Mechatronics. StaRRsed Controls are validated by Mechatronics on different StaRRsed analyzers for each and every production batch, so each batch ( has its specific sedimentation range in true Westergren dimensions, i.e. at 18°C (64.4°F) temperature corrected. All relevant information can be found on the package insert as well as on each vial where it is incorporated in the barcode for automatic processing purposes.