Glocyte CSF Analysis Instruments

A new way to obtain CSF counts

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 Glocyte delivers highly accurate and precise TNC and RBC results using a novel combination of fluorescence technology, highly specific reagents and an intelligent counting algorithm. Glocyte can handle all of the CSF specimens that enter your laboratory - it provides cell counts you can trust at clinically relevant low levels and reduces valuable time spent counting more difficult specimens.

Timely results you can count on.

Glocyte calculates TNC and RBC results in cells/µL on only 30µL of sample per test.


  • Glocyte uses disposable test cartridges, so there is no carryover between samples and infectious specimens can be processed without worry.
  • No more headaches from routine maintenance because Glocyte has no moving parts.
  • The proficiency assessment tool confirms new users will obtain results with confidence.
  • The analyser's small footprint makes the most of every inch of valuable lab space.
  • Interactive software is easy to operate with everything on one screen.
  • When dilution is necessary, software guidance leads you through the quickest way to get a result.