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Osmocheck is a portable, personal Osmometer, calibrated from 0 to 1500 mOsmols/kgH2O, for use with urine to give in instant measure of dehydration.


In Use

Doing strenuous exercise whilst being dehydrated is not conducive to peak performance (Paula Radcliffe, 2004 Olympics) and can be positively dangerous.

A reading of greater than 600mOsmols points to the start of de-hydration and a reading of over 1000mOsmols is consistant with de-hydration. The subject should re-hydrate immediately and stop further exercise until fully hydrated.

Osmocheck will be of great value to individual sports men and women and to Sports Physiologists who wish to monitor performance during training. It is proving to be especially useful in  sports such as boxing and rowing.

Only a few drops of urine are required for an instant reading. Early morning urine samples are recommended when urine is in equilibrium with the body.


Osmocheck is a refractometer calibrated in mOsmols/kg H2O. Refractometers are more usually used to measure refractive index or specific gravity, however, the relationship between osmolality and specific gravity of urine is reasonably close and has been derived empirically by measuring early morning urine samples taken from 55 athletes. The graph below is reproduced by courtesy of Dr Richard Godfrey, Research Lecturer at Brunel University, Dept of Sports Science, UK. It has been extensively tested on over 200 separate occasions on elite athletes including members of the BritishBiathlonSquad in the final six months of preparation prior to the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games.