About Our Service

Vitech Scientific have a specialised team to provide  service support to Hospital, Pharmaceutical, University  and all other laboratories throughout the U.K.

Your contract with Vitech will create a partnership with you delivering the best possible service and support. We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the high standard of service and support that Vitech have become renowned for.

We are proud to provide you with the following support:

  • Technical Service Support (Phone 9:00hrs – 17:30hrs)
  • Installations with Training
  • Service Engineers for next day service
  • Support within Managed Service Contracts
  • Quality Control Programs
Vitech Scientific Service & Support
Vitech Scientific Service & Support

Service Notes

3320 Osmometer Impacting Information

On the model 3320 Advanced Micro Osmometers the impactor is held in place with a metal bracket.  This bracket has a rubber pad to deaden the sound of the returning impactor pin.

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Osmometer Calibration Information

As the Advanced range of Osmometers hold their calibration for a long time the notes below may help to make operation more efficient.

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Osmometer Results Precision Notes

In addition to the information in the User Manuals the following notes have been extracted from Advanced Instruments documentation regarding accuracy and precision of results.

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Instrument Documentation & MSDS Sheets

Material Safety Data sheets and Certificates of analysis

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Advanced Osmometer Model 3300 (now obsolete) Impactor sticking

If your model 3300 counts to 3200 and does not impact then your impactor may be stuck.  

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